‘Real Conversations of Grindr’ Calls Out Attacks on Men with HIV

“The Real Conversations of Grindr,” a video produced by the HIV Federation of Queensland in Australia, uses real life conversations on the gay hookup app to call out the stigma against those who are HIV positive.

The video, which contains explicit content, features men and women reading aloud actual comments posted on Grindr from men giving nasty responses to a revelation that a man is HIV positive.

Those sort of responses have become somewhat common on Grindr. Several gay men in West Hollywood have reached out to WEHOville to complain about being attacked by other app users for stating that they are HIV positive.

Grindr, which is headquartered in West Hollywood and owned by a Chinese tech company, claims that it is the most used gay sex app in the world, with an average of 3 million active users a day.

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