WHMC Launches Website Focused on L.A. Gay Life

West Hollywood Media Company, publisher of WEHOville.com and West Hollywood Magazine, today launched GayLifeLA.com, a website focused on the gay community in Greater Los Angeles.

In an announcement of the launch, Henry (Hank) Scott described it as “the one and only place to find out what’s really happening in the LGBT communities in Greater Los Angeles.”

“GayLifeLA is where you’ll read honest and professionally reported stories about real local issues such as the future of Christopher Street West, the high cost of living in the gayborhoods, the slow decline of West Hollywood’s Boystown,” the announcement said.

In addition to news about the LGBT community, GayLifeLA will include sections on gay health, fitness and events and will be the new home of GTV, a database of the best LGBT videos curated by Enoch Miller.

But it won’t all be serious news, Scott said. He said the site also will focus on the L.A. gay lifestyle. “Where does that WeHo gay uniform come from? (You know, the black cap with bill turned backwards, the black gym shorts, the black tee cut to show the nipples and the riotously colored gym shoes),” the announcement said, citing one example. “Is there really a heterosexual woman in Silver Lake who can teach gay men how to be pups and also educate their handlers?”

Scott said he decided to launch GayLifeLA because of what he perceived a big void when it comes to information about local gay life and culture.

“There are local gay publications and websites that focus on things like Donald Trump’s appointments or on struggles in the California legislature, but I look to The New York Times, Washington Post and the L.A. Times for news from Washington and Sacramento,” Scott said. “I’ve come to realize that no one is taking the time to report on what is really going on it our Greater L.A. community. We will do that.”

The site can be accessed by using the GayLifeLA.com url or by clicking on the GayLife tab on the top of the WEHOville.com home page.

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J Simmons
J Simmons
5 years ago

Ironic for self proclaimed best info blog about WHo to call this news “the one and only place to find out what’s really happening in the LGBT communities in Greater Los Angeles.”

Wehoville has told me directly they ONLY report on weho stories. But there are always stories cycling through that are about things completely outside weho. Just saying the truth.

Former Staff
5 years ago
Reply to  J Simmons

GayLifeLA.com is about gay life in greater LA. WEHOville.com is about West Hollywood.

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