‘Coffee with a Cop’ Is Tomorrow at Starbucks

Capt. Sergio Aloma

West Hollywood residents are invited to meet members of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station and Capt. Sergio Aloma tomorrow at the Starbucks on Santa Monica Boulevard at Westmount.

The monthly “Coffee with a Cop” organized by Aloma each month is an opportunity for local residents to bring up public safety concerns and also to get to know the law enforcement officers who serve the city.

Tomorrow’s event will run from 8 to 9 a.m. Parking is available on Westmount and Santa Monica Boulevard. It also is available in the garage adjacent to the Ramada Inn, where the parking is free for one hour with a ticket validated at Starbucks.

Coffee with a Cop takes place on the last Wednesday of the month at various locations around the city.

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6 years ago

You should consider going to one of these things and telling the Captain or Deputies what you think.

Jim Nasium
Jim Nasium
6 years ago

@”LJWilliams”-you sound like you come from a family of bad cops.

6 years ago

Most cops are jerks with no training on how to deal with people. They just assume and arrest without asking if someone has any prior history of shock/abuse, medical history, current medical conditions, etc. They forget that people are out here on their own with pets who are dependent on them. I’ve seen so many cops behave in a barbaric way. Most of them need training in dealing with people on prescription drugs, marijuana, etc. They can really be bullies. And then the good cops get unnoticed as they are often pressured to be bullies like most of the cops… Read more »

Night worker
Night worker
6 years ago

Wish I could attend one of these. Always at 8 am. A bad time for me. It’d be great if times were varied. Some of us cannot attend at 8 am. How about other times of the day (lunchtime, afternoon, early evening come to mind)? Thanks!

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