Woman Complains of Transgender Discrimination at WeHo Nightclubs


A transgender West Hollywood woman has complained of being denied entrance to two prominent local nightclubs, a complaint that follows  one last month by another trans woman about her treatment at a local celebrity restaurant.

In a Facebook live video posted on Sunday, Shayan Siren talked about being denied entrance to both 1 OAK, the nightclub on Sunset Boulevard owned by Ronnie Madra and Richie Akiva’s Butter Group, and to Hyde on Sunset, the restaurant and lounge that is owned by SBE, the hotel, nightclub and restaurant group headed by Sam Nazarian.

“So many of my friends always tell me, what a great time to be transgender, everyone is so accepting,” Siren said in an interview with WEHOville. “It’s not that way at all.”

Siren said she was especially surprised and disappointed at her treatment given that the clubs are in West Hollywood. “I live in West Hollywood, which is known as one of the most accepting places for LGBTQ people,” she said. “This is why I live here. This is why I pay the extra money.”

In April, Ashlee Marie Preston, an African-American transgender woman, wrote an op-ed for WEHOville described a similar issue, calling out Catch, the new celebrity restaurant on the roof of a building on San Vicente Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, for what she described as its demeaning treatment of her. Catch also has been severely criticized on


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Dark Angel
Dark Angel
6 years ago

Legally you can refuse service to anyone! Some people play race card, religious card and so forth! But legally you can refuse service!!!! Do your research before you play the victim!

Staff Report
6 years ago
Reply to  Dark Angel
Woody McBreairty
Woody McBreairty
6 years ago

You can bet that if a straight person had been denied entry into a gay establishment, because they are straight, there would have been a lot of objection & out cry from both the straight & gay communities. Gay men love to “support” gay establishments turning into straight hang outs but they don’t defend their own when the situation is reversed. Speaks volumes. Sad

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