ICYMI: That Crazy Laughter at Hamburger Mary’s? It Was ‘Drag Daze’


Wondering what that loud applause and laughter inside Hamburger Mary’s (and the long line outside) was about last Saturday night?

The inimitable writer and comedian Ben Kawaller shows you what you missed in the video above (but honestly, you’ll need to down a few margaritas to enjoy what you’re watching as much as those on the scene did).

Kawaller took videographer Miguel Johnson deep into West Hollywood’s Hamburger Mary’s on July 1 to take a look at “Drag Daze,” a charity event put on by Varsity Gay League to benefit APLA Health.

MC’ed by Wendy Ho (given that she’s really a woman, can we call her a “drag queen”?), the event brought six drag contestants to the stage. “Ruth Ann Camaro” (aka Clayton Gray), “Orange Cunty” (Kevin Medina), “Daisy Duke” (Luke Michalowski), “Georgina Bombpussy” (Randy Lesko), “Gazelle” Ryan Simantel and the athletic Lauren Patton competed for applause from the audience. No need for a spoiler alert here. You’ll have to watch to the end to find out who won.

And you can click here to read the history of Will Hacker’s Varsity Gay League.

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