Here’s What’s Happening Next Week with WeHo’s Crosswalk Installation Project

The City of West Hollywood is continuing its installation of four pedestrian crosswalks with traffic lights on Santa Monica Boulevard. This week the contractor has continued working on the new traffic signals at all locations, putting in place the signal pole foundations and underground conduit.

This coming week, drivers and pedestrians can expect daily lane closures in the immediate work areas between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Other activities include:
— Monday: Install underground conduits at Westmount Drive, south side.

— Tuesday: Continue working on underground conduits at Hancock Avenue and Westmount Drive, south side, and form controller foundations.

— Wednesday: Complete the underground conduits at Hancock Avenue and Westmount Drive, south side, and place the controller foundations.

Thursday: Augur the traffic signal pole foundations at Palm Avenue and West Knoll Drive.

— Friday: Place concrete for traffic signal pole foundations at Palm Ave. and West Knoll Drive.

To accommodate the construction, parking meters in the immediate work area on weekdays may be signed with temporary “No Parking” posted 24 hours in advance. The crosswalk at Santa Monica Boulevard and Palm Avenue will remain closed while the new curb ramps are constructed.

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5 years ago

But loud vomiting, foul mouthed drunk people are ok to roam our “residential neighborhood” from 10pm-4am. Sounds about right.

5 years ago

Ron, it’s a residential neighborhood so construction cannot be done at night because of ordinances.

Ron Harris
Ron Harris
5 years ago

I may be mistaken, but don’t signs that prohibit parking at meters have to be posted 72 hours in advance, not 24? That info came from a WeHo parking officer, who told me that they cannot ticket if the signs are posted less that 72 hours ahead.
Of course, I can’t WAIT for another week of SCREWED-UP TRAFFIC on SMB, for a job that should really be done at NIGHT. Brilliant planning.

Tom Smart
Tom Smart
5 years ago

Haha David, you slay/sleigh me!!

5 years ago

Auger is an engineering tool. Augur is a premonition. Unless they there is some premonition related to a mystical traffic pole, they will be using an auger. 😉

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