Contractor at Work Installing Traffic Signals on Santa Monica Crosswalks

The City of West Hollywood is continuing its installation of four pedestrian crosswalks with traffic lights on Santa Monica Boulevard. This week the contractor has continued working on the new traffic signals at all locations to install underground conduit for the new SoCal Edison meter services that power the traffic signals.

Next week, the contractor will continue to have daily lane closures in the immediate work
areas between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Here’s the day-by-day schedule for next week’s work:

Construction work, now largely completed, on the crosswalk on Santa Monica Boulevard near Westmount.

— Monday: The contractor will bore the SCE underground conduits at Palm Avenue and Hancock Avenue, south side. The south side sidewalk in this area will be temporarily closed until this work is completed. Pedestrians will be detoured to Hancock Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard crosswalks.

— Tuesday: The contractor will continue working on SCE underground conduits at Palm Avenue and Hancock Avenue.

— Wednesday: The contractor will continue working on SCE underground conduits at Palm Avenue
— Thursday: The curb ramps at Palm and sidewalk at Westmount Drive will be formed for concrete. The contractor will receive SCE inspection of underground conduits at all locations and begin backfilling.

— Friday: The contractor will place concrete for the curb ramps at Palm Avenue and sidewalk at Westmount Drive. The contractor will complete work on traffic signal underground conduits at Palm.

To accommodate the construction, parking meters in the immediate work area may have temporary “no parking” signs posted 24 hours in advance. The crosswalk at Santa Monica Boulevard and Palm will remain closed while the new curb ramps are constructed. The city expects to complete the crosswalk installation by the middle of next month.

Questions can be directed to Hany Demitri of the City of West Hollywood’s Public Works at (323) 848-6507.

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