Stephanie DeWolfe, WeHo’s Community Development Director, Named South Pasadena City Manager


Stephanie DeWolfe, director of Community Development for the City of West Hollywood, has been chosen as city manager of South Pasadena.

DeWolfe, who will assume that position on Nov. 6, has worked for the City of West Hollywood since 2012. As Community Development director, she is one of the top officials at WeHo City Hall, reporting directly to City Manager Paul Arevalo and overseeing the city’s Building and Safety, Current Planning and Historic Preservation and Long Range and Mobility Planning divisions.

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Stephanie DeWolfe

DeWolfe is, effectively, the executive who manages the city’s development, overseeing the complex and sometimes controversial process of preserving historic properties and permitting and overseeing the construction of new commercial and residential buildings.

In an announcement of her appointment from South Pasadena City Hall, West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman described DeWolfe as “first rate,” saying “we hate to lose her.” City Manager Arevalo said DeWolfe is “a big picture person, a great communicator, who knows how build consensus in the community.” Noting DeWolfe’s work in her home city of Pasadena, where she once served as deputy planning director and sits on its planning commission, Arevalo said DeWolfe “has the regional perspective that will serve South Pasadena well.”

South Pasadena is a city with a population of roughly 26,000 people compared to West Hollywood’s population of roughly 36,000. It’s population is much more diverse than that of WeHo, with 31% identifying as Asian, 18% as Latino and most of the rest as Caucasian.

Before coming to West Hollywood City Hall, DeWolfe was deputy director of Pasadena’s planning and community development department, where she oversaw zoning, design and historic preservation and community planning. She has worked in Pasadena since 1990 in roles including acting assistant city manager, where she worked with the city manager on policy issues and management of the city council. She also managed the city’s cultural affairs division and public affairs office.


DeWolfe holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California and a professional certificate in Public Relations from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and is a member the American Planning Association and the Urban Land Institute.

“I am excited to be part of team South Pasadena,” DeWolfe said in the announcement of her appointment. “ I have always loved South Pasadena and I am looking forward to spending even more time in this wonderful community.”

South Pasadena Mayor Michael Cacciotti said, “I am very excited about hiring Ms. DeWolfe. She brings to our city the optimum combination of experience and leadership qualities. South Pasadena is very fortunate that she has agreed to serve our community.”

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