Worth a Look: A Happy Holiday Poem That Drew Smiles and Frowns


larry block, west hollywood city council


EDITOR’S NOTE:  For the past four years, Larry Block has read a holiday poem before the West Hollywood City Council. Block, owner of the Block Party apparel store and a civic activist, has embraced the role of “rabble rouser.”  That role was evident in the poem that Block read before the Council tonight, which prompted laughter from the audience and some Council members and frowns from others.  

Fifth annual holiday po-em
Bout a place we call ho-em

January began with the trial of Michelle Rex
She could not stop talking about City Hall sex.

But the Roddig report cleared John Duran’s name.
The verdict gave Rex nothing but herself to blame.

D’Amico testified that he might not run again.
And then he endorsed John Heilman — his friend!

So we moved into the March elections.
Some candidates still pushing stories of erections.

But the three Johns stood together as one
And Steve Martin lost his fifth or sixth run.

Both Johns held on to their seats,
Big money still owning our streets.

On to May and commission appointments,
Lots of promises and even more disappointments.

Lindsey Horvath caused quite a fuss
When she threw Donald Deluccio under the bus.

My dog Peanut called City Hall
Lauren was the first to return her call.
They talked about their hair-do’s
And new rules for doggie groomers too!

Finally Santa Monica got its new lights.
People had to die to get our crosswalks right.

Elizabeth Savage retired with a gold medal,
Whispered in my ear, “keep your foot on the gas pedal.”

A short word from my staff and me,
Thank you to the entire community.

Block Party is here at least through Pride.
It has been a really fun ride.

And to the City Council, staff and crew,
Thank you for all the jobs that you do.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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5 years ago

Lol Larry so that’s what supposedly was the reason for my being terminated from the planning commission. In any event surviving well and enjoying my commission break. Happy Holidays to all

5 years ago

Great poem, Mr Block. If you got some frowns from the dais, you must be doing something clever, at least.

5 years ago

time to move on larry,
we won’t miss you hardly a’nary…

Cy Husain
5 years ago

Merry WINTER SOLSTICE to all! Even to those who don’t celebrate it. 😉

Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson
5 years ago

Larry forgot to put in his poem that he endorsed john heilman that’s been of city council since the city was created. And John Duran who’s hiring practices offer Grindr end up with the city insurance having to pay out $500,000 for a sexual harassment claim. Larry ran a campaign twice to unseat the two Johns on council for years upon years, and when the last election came all his platform was thrown away to sing the praises of the two johns.

R. Russell
R. Russell
5 years ago

Block is about as good a poet as he is a politician: Not very

Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady
5 years ago

Thank you I enjoy your creative approach in whatever is left in the so called creative city.

5 years ago

Love Larry’s poems 🙂

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