WeHo Gives Residents a Free Meter Parking Gift for Christmas

West Hollywood residents and visitors will get a major Christmas gift from the city with the suspension of parking meter enforcement on Christmas day.

In addition, the city will not enforce restrictions on parking on certain streets such as Fountain Avenue during peak commuting hours. And it will not enforce requirements that parked cars move to accommodate street sweeping, which will not occur on Christmas Day. Permit parking and all other parking regulations WILL be enforced on Monday. Enforcement of all parking regulations will resume on Tuesday.

City Hall will be closed on Monday as will Kings Road Garage and the automated garage behind City Hall, which was closed beginning Saturday. All will reopen on Tuesday.

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Real facts
Real facts
5 years ago

It really isn’t a ‘major gift’ from the city when this is routine policy for legal holidays in WEHO and really every city in the country, now is it. A bit overselling aren’t you?

5 years ago

How magnanimous. How about restoring free parking on Sundays?!?!

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