WeHo Removes ‘Parking on Grade’ Requirements on 14 City Streets

What West Hollywood resident hasn’t gotten one of those $23 tickets for failing to turn the wheels of his or her car when parking on a sloped street?

Now the risk will be a bit lower with a decision by the City Council to require such positioning of a car’s front wheels only on streets with a grade of 7.5% or more. Previously, wheels had to be turned on streets with grades of 6% or more.

How does one turn those wheels? The city municipal codes says “an operator shall not park a vehicle upon any grade of six percent or more (now 7.5%) within any business or residential district without turning the wheels of the vehicle toward the curb while parked facing downhill and turning the wheels of the vehicle away from the curb while the vehicle is parked facing an uphill grade.”

Streets that no longer will require such wheel turns after March 5 are as follows (but note, the law will be enforced until then):

Doheny Drive (S)
Doheny Drive (N)
Hacienda Place
Hammond Street (N)
Hammond Street (S)
Hancock Avenue
Harper Avenue
Hilldale Avenue
Larrabee Street
North Flores Street
North Kings Road
North Olive Drive
Palm Avenue
San Vicente Boulevard
Westbourne Drive
Westmount (S)

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story, relying on an attachment to the City Council agenda, said that cars parking on all of the streets listed below  no longer would be required to turn their wheels.  In fact, the change applies only to portions of those streets, which will be indicated by signs on the streets.  The story has been corrected to reflect that.

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Josh Kurpies
Josh Kurpies
5 years ago

Finally! This is long overdue.

5 years ago

The article doesn’t make clear that it’s only *portions* of the streets listed that will have the rules relaxed. At the Transportation Commission discussion of the proposed change, it was made clear that all of the streets listed have stretches that are at grades of 7.5% or more (probably includes the northern-most block of San Vicente Blvd.), so don’t expect all the signs to disappear on any of those streets. The tickets are based on not turning the wheels as instructed by signage, and that will continue to be the case.

Henry 'Hank' Scott
5 years ago
Reply to  KB

You are correct. The attachment on the City Council agenda did not explain that, leaving one to assume that the changes affected the entire streets mentioned on the attachment. I have reached out to City Hall and discovered that and will correct the story. Thanks for the alert!

5 years ago

San Vicente ramping up to Sunset is NOT a 7.5% or more grade? Really?

5 years ago

State law says “3% grade”, so WeHo has already been giving folks a break.

5 years ago

SHEESH, can I get some refunds for all the baseless tickets I’ve received over the years! ;D

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