A Call Out to the Great Supporters of West Hollywood and WEHOville

WEHOville recently launched a subscription program to help us generate revenue to support and grow our coverage of West Hollywood and the surrounding communities that have an impact on our lives here.

I Heart WeHoI’m proud to announce that the program is working, and I want to call out those who have subscribed to show that they care about West Hollywood and support our coverage of the community we love.

A subscription is your way to fund more in-depth reporting on subjects such as City Council elections, real estate and commercial development, crime and public safety and what’s going on inside City Hall. And then there’s our coverage of the people and events that make this city great.

Subscribers to date, many of whom you’ll recognize for their civic activity, are as follows:

  1. Steve Afriat
  2. Allegra Allison
  3. John Altschul
  4. Adam Bass
  5. Anonymous
  6. Anonymous
  7. Anonymous
  8. Anonymous
  9. Lisa Belsanti
  10. Dea Benson
  11. Rob Bergstein
  12. Larry Block
  13. Sam Borelli
  14. Christopher Bowen
  15. Rogerio Carvalheiro
  16. Roy Christopher
  17. David Codell
  18. Marco Colantonio
  19. Kimberly Copeland
  20. John D’Amico
  21. James DiGiovani
  22. Pat Dixon
  23. Michael Dolan
  24. Thomas Doherty
  25. Yola Dore
  26. Thomas Dunlap
  27. Elyse Eisenberg
  28. Fred Epstein
  29. Marc Femenella
  30. Charles Brosseau/Fisher
  31. Thomas Fleming
  32. Matt Fritch
  33. Mike Gerle
  34. Ken Howard
  35. Joan Henehan
  36. Jay Jasper
  37. Walter S. Johnson
  38. Dean Robert Jones
  39. Deane Kenworthy
  40. Mordechai Kirschenbaum
  41. Lisa Koers
  42. Leslie Karliss
  43. Alison Laurie
  44. Joel Lichtenwalter
  45. James Litz
  46. James Duke Mason
  47. Woody McBrearity
  48. Barbara Meltzer
  49. Mihail Obogeanu
  50. Karen O’Keefe
  51. Drew Pokorny
  52. Jennifer Raymond
  53. Christopher Rice
  54. Manny Rodriguez
  55. Jon Sasinowski
  56. Eric Jon Schmidt
  57. Brad Scott
  58. Kevin Seidel
  59. Douglas Smith
  60. Robert Switzer
  61. Suzanne Taylor
  62. Guy Vespoint
  63. Owen Ward
  64. Ruth Williams
  65. Robert White

You can join this list by clicking here and choosing one of the various subscription options. Subscribers receive a daily email listing the stories published in the last 24 hours, which means you’ll never be behind on what’s happening in West Hollywood.

In this era of declining advertising revenue for news media, more and more local news sites such as WEHOville are implementing subscription plans. But please note that we won’t bar non-subscribers from access to WEHOville.com (we want everyone to know what’s going on).

Henry E. (Hank) Scott, publisher of WEHOville. (Photo by Austin Wondolowski)

I have been a reporter, editor and media business executive for more than 40 years, with a career stretching from the 1,200-circulation weekly Butner-Creedmoor News in my home state of North Carolina, where I did pretty much everything, to The New York Times, where my last position was vice president for new media/new product development.

I moved to West Hollywood in October 2011 with the intent of continuing my lucrative media consulting practice. But I quickly fell in love with this city and discovered it lacked the professional and objective news coverage every community needs to grow and thrive.

So I launched WEHOville.com. In terms of readership, it has been a success. Google Analytics, an objective data source, shows we had more than 190,000 readers over the past three months, with most of them concentrated in Greater WeHo and Los Angeles. But, as I tell my friends, I’ve never worked harder and made less money in my adult life. However, at the end of the day, it’s doing what you love that matters, not what makes you rich.

This is what I love.

Henry E. (Hank) Scott
Publisher and Editor, WEHOville.com
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Aaron Taber
Aaron Taber
2 years ago

Hi Hank – I just signed up for a subscription today after reading and lurking in the comments on WEHOville for the last 3-4 years. I did so especially today, since it’s (at least in social media land) #NationalHugANewspersonDay. Dan Rather just posted on Twitter that while he appreciates the idea, he thinks #BuyASubscriptionDay would better “support your favorite hard working journalists for an entire year,” and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the hard work you put into this site to keep our small community informed. Moreover, thanks for not (in my opinion) taking any specific or obvious slant… Read more »

Douglas Stichler
2 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Taber

Thank you Aaron! And note that there is a banner at the top with a link to the subscription page (btw, I’m sending this from Doug Stichler’s account because my tech guy is dealing with an issue with mine.


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