The Bronze ‘One Another’ Will Rise in WeHo’s Laurel Park

Maxwell Carraher, creator of ‘One Another’

“One Another,” a bronze sculpture 10-feet high, will be erected on April 1 in Laurel Park outside Tara, the historic property at 1343 N. Laurel Ave.

The artist is Maxwell Carraher, a Los Angeles resident. Carraher describes the work as “an image of hope and desperation… this work attempts to make a clear statement on the needs of humanity today.”

“The design of the piece implies a particular statement about the shared destiny of mankind, both the weak and the powerful,” Carraher says. “Neither can be free without the other, so a common respect must be maintained and held for one another.”

West Hollywood’s WeHo Arts program says “the message within the art work connects to the City of West Hollywood and LGBT community’s tireless mission to gain equality. The art work addresses a very large social issue, and that is the false idea that mankind can be divided into groups, some having more human value than others.”

The 400-pound statue was created using the ancient “lost wax” technique.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said the installation was scheduled for March 31. The correct date is April 1.

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Eric Jon Schmidt
Eric Jon Schmidt
4 years ago

Do you know what time on the 31st? and will the Artist be there? thanks

Eric Jon Schmidt
Eric Jon Schmidt
5 years ago

That great news! I love public Art. I can’t wait to see it.

Allegra Allison
Allegra Allison
5 years ago

Very cool ~ It looks beautiful

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