“Homophobia 2018 – Time For Love” | BBC “The Social”


This intense video blew me away.

This is a story in which two guys are walking in the park holding hands. One is about to give the other a goodbye kiss when there is an explosion of emotion from the people around them. It’s clear from many of the comments that people still objectify LGBT couples openly expressing their affection in public.

Some of the lines from the video that stood out to me were:  “…a hundred eyes hurry to objectify this hand in hand stance…”; “What if there is no other way to say goodbye than the one you know will send outcry burning through the matchstick men and women who love to strike up ideals”; “I am a walking meal for the mouths of normality…”; “See, normality is a crowd-sourced fantasy but it turns every single silent person in this park into an enem.”; and finally, “I should be holding a hand, but I am holding shame instead.”

This is an elegantly simple, but powerful expression of an issue that some LGBT people face every day.

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