Opinion: West Hollywood Residents Want to Be Heard

West Hollywood Residents want to be heard.

As a resident of 30 years, and in my fifth time running for this office, I’ve witnessed over the years a decaying in our communication with our residents. Many in the next five years will be 65 and over. That’s great as long as we have a representative to advocate for our WeHo family.

Tom Demille

I interviewed with the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce last week. One of their questions was, “how can you help our business?”

My answer was, you’re already out of business. Residents don’t feel safe walking our streets, and many businesses close early fearing no one walking or just too much drama. World class cities around the world care about their residents and visitors. That’s why they have installed CCTV (cclosed caption television.) They can’t stop you from being hurt but will prove who did this to you. Many insurance companies will pay for that video of car accidents, residents being run down in crosswalks. When the rest of Los Angeles finds out that West Hollywood cares about its people, we will stop being the punching bag of the west side.

SInce we are all getting older, we need to triple the social service budget.to ensure our residents have the programming they deserve for our quality of life in West Hollywood. Over the years we have elected public servants to represent us in West Hollywood, only to discover they go their way and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from out of state developers. Some totaling $100,000. That’s why you are not being heard. And what ever happened to public service?

I will spend most of my time communicating with our WeHo family. Residents want to feel like someone cares about them. I DO. All of my decisions will be made with your quality of life in mind.

We did not move to a construction site. We can do a better job with that. All through our neighborhoods we can install solar lighting on our sidewalks.so residents and their guests can see where they are walking.

Cars are being broken into at an alarming rate. Let’s fix that. That is such a violation to our investment.

TIme to light up our trees on Santa Monica Boulevard, bringing much needed business to our city. Three walks of fame that will make our city a destination location – Gay Walk of Fame, Rock and Roll Walk of Fame and Russian War Hero Walk of Fame. Let’s leave our hard fought history on our sidewalks for the world to see.

Just an observation — are there more garbage trucks in our city than there is garbage? Trucks really impact our quality of life. We can do a better job with delivery times and days so we don’t gridlock our city.

Reinvest in boys and girls town, the very engine of our city back in 1984 .Think that we forgot that. Let’s make the district clean and safe and gay it up a little.

Gay Pride  –for many years we have been stuck in the corner, standing in dirt. Let’s close the streets for 72 hours and allow all of our businesses to benefit. And have gay Pride free.

When elected I will move to have many town hall format meetings with all of our residents to hear from you. Your voice does matter.

Working and communicating with you, there is nothing we can’t do together without being poisoned by outside money.

Let’s say hello to each other again in the markets and sidewalks again. Let’s ease parking restrictions on Thursday night until 10 p.m. so that our WeHo family can dine with each other again.

In the end, we are all one west Hollywood family. It’s time to start respecting our family members again.

I ask for your vote. I will give 100% to making West Hollywood the cleanest and safest city anywhere, and where there is a middle school.

Thank you

Tom Demille (424) 354-7565

Editor’s Note: WEHOville has invited all candidates in the March 5, 2019, election for City Council to submit up to three op-eds each for publication before the election. This is the first from Tom Demille.

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Tom Wright
Tom Wright
4 years ago

Tom are you yes on the ART CLUB ?

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t live in West Hollywood Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued for 3 million dollars for a hit and run ski accident, Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop is being sued for false advertisement of her health remedies and her homeopathic products why are we giving these people money and property to build an elitist Art Club that only 7,000 people are allowed to join and West Hollywood council is behind this, are you Tom?

4 years ago

Tom Demille is a very passionate resident of WeHo. This passion clearly shows when he comments during Council meetings and it certainly came through quite clearly at last night’s candidate forum. With that said, he did not offer specific answers to questions that were asked and kept repeating that whatever the residents wanted, they could have. This combined with his frequently disruptive behavior made him stand out as unprepared and unable to manage his emotions. While one needs to be passionate about representing the residents of WeHo, we also deserve those who behave respectfully and thoughtfully instead of just complaining… Read more »

Tom demille
4 years ago
Reply to  Nick

Thank you nick for you advice,keep it in check.and as far as knowing my BUSSINESS,I know every once if this city,and where and how to fix to insure our west Hollywood residents have a good quality of life.something that’s been lacking for more than 30years.i stand before you and I’m fully prepared and totally ,UP TO THE TAKE IN FRONT OF ME.
Again thank you nick,looking forward to your guidance and positions on all of our affairs. Tom DEMILLE March 5th 2019

4 years ago

This candidate apparently has ideas but lacks proper skills to channel them. His flip answer to the WH Chamber of Commerce was a clear indicator that there are no viable communication skills here. Rather daunting to have five unsuccessful campaigns but perhaps Mr. Demille can find a path to success at some level. Wishing him well, everyone needs to find a niche.

Chris Sanger
Chris Sanger
4 years ago

The residents are heard every two years when we have City Council elections. Since the incumbents usually win, and easily, that indicates overall satisfaction with the city. Facts are facts.

4 years ago

I like most of it except for the cctv.

Why don’t we become far greener?
Strive for the cleanest, greenest, and safest.

Eric Jon Schmidt
Eric Jon Schmidt
4 years ago

Very good ideas. Fresh thinking, which is what West Hollywood leadership needs. It’s refreshing to hear someone who wants to put Residents (“WEHO family”) first. Thank you for pointing out the out of State Campaign funds, Public Safety issues, Gay Pride, the Elderly, Crime, Quality of Life issues, Russian War Hero’s, etc… and the fact that you want better communication between Residents and Leadership. Your answer to the chamber is spot on. You basically turned it around and said to them “what can you do for us?”. It sounds to me like you are not afraid to challenge the old… Read more »

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