WeHo City Hall Is Closed Monday and Street Meter Parking Is Free

West Hollywood City Hall will be closed on Monday in recognition of Memorial Day. Also on Monday, there will be no enforcement of parking meters time limits, so street parking will be free.

There also will be no towing of cars in areas where parking usually is not allowed during rush hour or on the side of a street that is swept on Mondays. 

Single-day visitor parking permits can be obtained at the Kings Road parking structure and the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station. Multi-day visitor parking permits must be obtained at the Kings Road parking structure.

The enforcement of the aforementioned parking regulations will resume on Tuesday.

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
4 years ago

What about the glorious ROBO GARAGE at City Hall. Will it be available for use during Pride Weekend, or remain empty as the hundreds of thousands look for parking?

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