Worth a Read: PC Magazine Calls Out WeHo’s Smart City Program


PC Magazine, a leading tech publication, has called out the City of West Hollywood’s Smart City initiative in a story that notes that it includes “rolling out connected transit, developing a municipal fiber network, expanding the EV charging network, and retraining the City Hall team on the finer points of data science. With 37,000 residents, West Hollywood is not California’s largest city, but it wants to be the smartest.”

Francisco Contreras

The story, which can be read online here, features an interview with West Hollywood Innovation Manager Francisco Contreras and Kate Kigongo, innovation analyst. More information about the city’s Smart City initiative can be found on the city’s website

Contreras will be speaking at the RICS Summits of the America’s Los Angeles conference on June 5 in a segment focused on property technology and the future of cities.

City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath will be in Paris then for a three-day conference on open source software collaboration between cities that is organized by MossLabs, a Baltimore-based firm that works with open-source creators and municipalities, in collaboration with the City of Paris.  MossLabs has told WEHOville that Baltimore and West Hollywood are the only cities in the United States that will be among a group of about 40 attending the conference.  MossLabs’s  Jacob Green declined to disclose what other cities are attending or what will be discussed at the conference.

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
4 years ago

The city can keep this pace of massive development under the “smart award panel’s judging”

The trees from the forest.

Put more trees all over weho and soon it will be a small forest making (it’s hard to believe & write) WITH WEHO’S GROWING GRIDLOCK NIGHTMARE ANY TIME OF THE DAY, ANY/ALL OVER OUR TINY CITY.

Eric Jon Schmidt
Eric Jon Schmidt
4 years ago

I read the City’s Smart City Strategic Plan (all of it). The technology is very impressive, but there is an old saying: “An education is only as good as it’s application”. Now that we have this high technology at City Hall, how and when do the Residents benefit? In the Public Safety section on the Smart City page it reads: ” Host Community Conversations about public safety”. I am not aware of any community conversations about public safety. Also, There isn’t anything in the plan for dealing with a disaster such as an earthquake. Is there a plan for such… Read more »

4 years ago

Very thought provoking.

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