Opinion: Should Missouri’s Governor Be Arrested for Rape?

Does anybody else think that the governor of Missouri should be arrested for rape?

I can’t get that out of my mind. He has ordered that every woman who wants an abortion in Missouri (a state where there is only one abortion clinic left) must submit to an examination of her vagina by a doctor. That is an examination that is not medically necessary. It is an examination where her vagina is entered with hands, by a doctor ordered to give this unnecessary internal examination of the woman’s vagina.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

I think if anything was placed into a woman’s vagina — a bottle, the end of a gun, or the hands of a doctor who has no medical reason to do so, that’s rape. That woman has been raped. That’s what’s going on in Missouri. The governor has ordered that these women must be raped.

What are you out there who are reading this going to do about it? Are you just going to think about it and just stay seated? You’re not organizing? This, to me, is the worst, the worst thing that can happen to a woman — that she has to physically submit to being raped. For no medical reason, she is being attacked.

And the doctors are as upset as the woman. They don’t want to do this. They apologize as they explain that it is an order from the governor.

This information was passed on recently on The Rachel Maddow Show. They stumbled onto this information about the governor and raping women. There’s going to be more on another segment, they’re digging deeper. I don’t know what it’s going to contain, but right now, Missouri is the state of raping women.

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Respect Before Outrage
Respect Before Outrage
3 years ago

Dear Ivy,

Please consider contacting Governor Parson.

Have taken the liberty to compose a possible approach.

Dear Governor Parson,
It is possible that you have not considered this issue from other points of view but I would like to meet with you personally and reasonably discuss it with you at your convenience.
Kind regards,

Matt Boyd
Matt Boyd
3 years ago

I worked with Ivy Bottini in the 80’s at Fred Sands Realtors. She is an amazing woman who continues her work. Bless the woman who made time for everyone.

Rebecca Meade
Rebecca Meade
3 years ago

My outrage exactly. Adding an unnecessary vaginal exam to the policy regulations for abortion is sanctioned rape. Vaginal exams are not pleasant, use a mental or plastic speculum inserted and then opened. Tools and gloved hands are used in the exam. In 45 years of nursing, I never knew any woman who found it pleasant. Unnecessary tests and exams increase risk of infection. Randall W. Williams, MD, FACOG, Director of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services has made a policy decision – not a law – to force women to submit to undressing, laying on a table with legs… Read more »

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
3 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca Meade

Thank you Ivy for focusing us on this repulsive and de-humanizing proposal. Just when you think that Republicans in the era of Trump can’t surprise you they push their agenda even further into the land of absurdity. This is an excellent example of why men should not be legislating on issues concerning women’s bodies. The lack of empathy is almost as obvious as the pandering to the radical right.

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