Havenhurst Residents Told to Stay in Their Homes as LAPD Pursues Man with a Gun

Police helicopters circled over Santa Monica Boulevard at Crescent Heights late this afternoon as Los Angeles police officers pursued a man who had been seen driving on North Fairfax Avenue near Rosewood Avenue who was openly displaying a gun.

The vehicle chase ended on Havenhurst Drive near Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, where police officers arrested the man after a brief standoff.  Residents on Havenhurst were told not to leave their apartments during the episode, which occurred around 6 p.m.

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Michael Grace
Michael Grace
3 years ago

President Trump was wrong. The “sh-tholes” aren’t in Africa they are right here in Southern California. Guns, homeless, streets falling apart, political hacks, corruption, bowing to corporate interests and ignoring the citizens, etc. That’s LA and WEHO. 695 people have been murdered in the last 12 months. About two a day!

3 years ago
Reply to  Michael Grace

Absolutely incorrect. 695? No. There were fewer than 260 murders in LA in 2018, and the numbers of steady for 2019 as well. The early 90’s saw over 1,000 murdered per year. Feel free to criticize the city, but don’t do so with fake numbers.

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