Here Are the Details Behind Ed Buck’s Alleged Sexual and Drug Encounters in WeHo

The 22-page criminal complaint against Ed Buck filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday includes an affidavit by an investigating officer that offers a long, detailed, and sexually explicit list of allegations against the West Hollywood resident including his fetish for seeing young black men wear tight white underwear.

The affidavit was prepared by John Mundell, who is a task force officer with both the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and a deputy with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department who works in its Narcotics Bureau.

A photo of Ed Buck, seated, in his apartment with an escort

In the affidavit, Mundell says cites a claim by a man identified as Victim 7 that Buck continued to solicit men for sex and drug use after the Jan. 7 death from a drug overdose of Timothy Dean is his apartment at 1234 N. Laurel Ave.  “According to Victim 7, Buck propositioned him as recently as July 2019,” the affidavit says.

Mundell also offers details about the interactions with Buck by Victim 10, whose overdose in Buck’s apartment on Sept. 11 prompted Buck’s arrest on Tuesday by Sheriff’s deputies.

ed buck, methamphetamine
Photo from “Black” showing him with Ed Buck in Buck’s Laurel Avenue apartment (Courtesy of Jasmyne Cannick).

Mundell says that Victim 10 told him that “Buck solicited him to engage in sexual activities and distributed methamphetamine to him nearly every day during an approximately one month period from on or about July 29, 2019, to on or about September 11, 2019, which caused Victim 10 to suffer overdose effects, requiring him to be transported to the hospital.

A full copy of the complaint, which contains details of Buck’s interactions with Gemmel Moore, the 26-year-old black sex worker who died in his apartment in 2017, and numerous other men can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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3 years ago

Throw this man away. He has up to 10 Victims! Jesus Christ get this guy out of our neighborhood. Ed Buck is a predator!

3 years ago

Read the indictment. Going home with someone to party and play is what happens. Hardly a soul imagines they will be assaulted and drugged. It may be a risk one takes, but they have not “asked for it”. Predators stay fed because they know how to prey. And they get eaten. Read the indictment. No one asked for it.

3 years ago

A willing adult participates in drug use is responsible for their own actions.
HOWEVER, if Mr. Buck actually injected drugs into these men, lock HIM UP.

3 years ago
Reply to  LADoug

I want to bet you have never been a “willing adult”. Women are called that all the time. Essentially you are implying ‘they asked for it’. I can tell you from very real knowledge – they did not. Eddie had malice aforethought as his fridge contents clearly indicated. And while we are on the subject – where did he get all the pharmaceuticals that he had in his fridge; all the syringes, all the glass tubes and all the white undies. And why did all the young men seem to be a “type”. Like Jeffrey. He had a type too.

3 years ago
Reply to  chloe

you and I do agree 100%. My point is anyone who uses drugs (adult) is responsible for using the drugs. Buck is clearly sick and by injecting others, this is beyond.

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