Parking on Blocks on Sweetzer and Rosewood Soon Will Require a Permit

Residents along two blocks in West Hollywood soon will be more likely to find nearby parking for themselves and their guests.

The City Council’s Monday consent agenda included ordinance establishing “preferential” parking on Sweetzer Avenue between Willoughby and Waring avenues and on Rosewood Avenue between Orlando and Croft avenues. That block of Sweetzer falls within the city’s District 9 preferential parking zone while the block of Rosewood is within the District 11 zone.

Those ordinances will restrict parking to residents of those blocks and guests with parking permits from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day of the week.  Such restrictions can be presented to the City Council for approval if than 51% of residents on the block signed a petition supporting the restriction.

With the approval on Monday night, the ordinance will come back before the Council for a second reading on Oct. 7 and take effect on Nov. 7.

Information on how to apply for and purchase parking permits is available online.

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3 years ago

What happened to the permit-by-plate system proposed last year? It would be much easier than having to go pick up physical visitor passes.

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