Reports of Vehicle Thefts Last Month Fell Sharply Over Those of September 2018

The number of vehicle thefts reported in West Hollywood last month was a dramatic 56% decline that in September 2018.

That is according to data from a report from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station that will be presented to the Public Safety Commission at its meeting on Monday.

The report shows 40 reports of vehicle burglaries last month and 90 in September 2018.  There were eight instances of “grand theft auto” (the actual theft of a vehicle) last month and seven in September 2018.

The decline in thefts from vehicles likely is a result of numerous arrests of members of gangs from Northern California who have come to affluent areas on the west side of Los Angeles to break into cars.

Reports of petty theft, defined as the theft of something valued at $950 or less, also declined sharply.  The report shows 38 incidents reported last month, down 39% from the 62 incidents reported in September 2018.  Grand theft, which is theft of something worth more than $950, declined slightly from 30 incidents in September 2018 to 26 last month.

The 10 incidents of armed robbery reported last month were a 67% increase from the six reported in September 2018.

Reports of all Part 1 (serious) crimes in West Hollywood declined the most on the city’s Eastside, with the Sheriff’s Station reporting a 45% decrease from September 2018.  The decline was 32% on the city’s Westside and 5% in the Center City area.

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3 years ago

I think the 67% increase in armed robberies should have been the headline! I would imagine it’s worse and more traumatic to have a gun or knife waved at you while you empty your pockets than to walk out and find your car window broken. In West Hollywood, we have sheriffs making upwards of $200K a year with overtime and yet I rarely see these folks driving around at night, none are on bikes and zero of them walk a beat. It’s a 2 square mile city. It’s not hard to have a greater presence. Is it against union rules… Read more »

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