Man Found Dead of Self-Inflicted Wound at the 7-Eleven on Holloway Drive

A man apparently killed himself in the 7-Eleven store on Holloway Drive at La Cienega Boulevard on Monday.

A man apparently killed himself in the 7-Eleven store on Holloway Drive at La Cienega Boulevard on Monday afternoon.

Sheriff’s Detective Kevin Acebedo said the incident is still under investigation. Det. Acebedo said video footage showed the man getting into a car occupied by a woman in the parking lot in front of the 7-Eleven.  Some sort of altercation ensued, which led to the woman leaving the car and going into the store at which point a 911 call was made.

Det. Acebedo said the man followed the woman into the store. He then apparently removed a cable from a shelf and barricaded himself in an employee area at the rear of the store.  When Sheriff’s deputies were able to get into the area, they found him with ligatures on his neck, indicating that he may have strangled or hanged himself.  He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was found to be dead.

At this point, no information is available to the public on the identity of the man or the woman involved in the incident.  Det. Acebedo said that she was not harmed.

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3 years ago

Low quality store and vagrants roam the parking lot. 7-11s do not belong in Weho.

David Pagel
David Pagel
3 years ago
Reply to  WehoFan


3 years ago

Just awful. So much suffering in this world and finding a good therapist is a challenge but never give up. I found one that saved my life.

On a side note, can we please close this 7-11? It’s been a magnet for crime and bad behaviors ever since it opened. They mostly sell low quality food, toxic cigs, gmo/pesticide junk that affects the brain and overall health. I want this store closed or at least stores like this banned from the area for the future.

This awful and sad suicide aside, it’s really been a bad business for the area.

Long Time Resident
Long Time Resident
3 years ago

All stores like this sell the same kinds of stuff. Why single out this store? It has been open for decades. I am against closing it because YOU don’t like it or what it sells. For some people, it is a lifeline. You don’t like it, don’t shop there. This City bans too many things already.

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