An Online Tool to Track What L.A. County Is Doing to Help the Homeless

Homeless woman sleeping on the sidewalk on Hacienda Place

Wonder where the homeless are, and what local government is doing to help them? Los Angeles County today unveiled an online planning tool to guide efforts to create interim and supportive housing to address the homelessness crisis.

“This planning tool provides a powerful and transparent roadmap for how we should be moving forward to address this crisis,” said county CEO Sachi A. Hamai, who presented the tool today to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. “It offers a unique visual presentation that shows the important efforts now underway—but also demonstrates the hard work that lies ahead.”

The map draws on data from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s January 2019 Point in Time Count, which reported nearly 59,000 people experiencing homelessness across Los Angeles County—more than 44,000 of them unsheltered.  That on-street survey conducted Jan. 22-24 identified 131 homeless people in West Hollywood, a 31% increase over the 100 homeless people counted in 2018.

Here is a look at where the homeless population is in areas surrounding West Hollywood, according to the Point in Time Count from January 2019. The darker areas are those with the largest number of homeless people per square mile.

The map makes it possible to view the homeless population data geographically, while adding layers that show existing supportive and interim housing, as well as housing that is currently being developed.

In an announcement of the tool, the county’s Communications Office said “it reflects the unprecedented development underway to create more supportive housing than ever before in the County’s history. It also visually demonstrates gaps between where the need is and where projects currently exist or are being developed.”

“We look forward to continuing to grow the usefulness of this planning tool as we attack this crisis with all the resources at our disposal,” Hamai said.  Additional data will be added in the months ahead.


The map can be accessed by clicking here. It isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer, so another browser must be used.

This map shows the unsheltered homeless population — those living outdoors or in their vehicles — in the area surrounding West Hollywood. The darker the area the more unsheltered homeless people per square mile.
This shows existing shelters and other forms of interim housing. Here, people experiencing homelessness have a safe, warm place to sleep at night and receive services to help them secure housing. There are currently 326 sites countywide with 13,461 beds available, none within the West Hollywood city limits. This data does not represent the entire universe of funded interim housing because it does not include motels funded by L.A. County or the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and used as interim housing.
These are shelters and other forms of interim housing that is in the pipeline–the process of being built, planned or developed. There are 58 sites in development or construction with 4,506 beds that will become available in the coming months and years. This represents a nearly 40% increase in the number of beds available to those in need of a temporary place to live.
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