Ed Buck: A Major Clinton Donor and Now Backing Elizabeth Warren? Hmmm.

Ed Buck and Hillary Clinton

Right-wing media organizations used a photo of Hillary Clinton standing next to Ed Buck to promote a claim that Buck was a major donor to her campaign for president. Federal records show he donated only $2,750, the maximum individual donation allowed.

Now Fox News, Breitbart, the Washington Examiner, and the Daily Beast are calling out the appearance of Ed Buck’s name on a list of those endorsing Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president.

Warren’s campaign, however, says someone added Buck’s name with malicious intent.

Buck was arrested on Sept. 17 and has been in federal prison in downtown Los Angeles since then, awaiting trial on charges of providing drugs resulting in death and three counts of distributing methamphetamine. The deaths are those of Gemmel Moore, 26, a young black sex-worker, and Timothy Dean, 50, also black, who had worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

In an interview with Huffington Post, a Warren spokesperson said the list was meant to include “alumni” of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. “This was a mistake considering Ed Buck was not staff or an alum. This was put together via Google doc by some Obama alums and they caught some non-staff that populated the list but obviously they missed one. They are removing it.”

Those seeking signatures on petitions are not able to visit or contact Buck while he is in prison unless they are on a visitor list compiled by Buck and approved by prison officials.

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Jason K
Jason K
3 years ago

I’m confused so did he donate anything to Warren’t campaign or not? From the article it looks like it is a list of people who have donated in the past to the party. If he did donate to her she better return the money otherwise I don’t want to hear another word from here about Pete’s “wine cave” donor dinner.

Henry 'Hank' Scott
3 years ago
Reply to  Jason K

The story is about whether Ed Buck’s name was on a list of those endorsing Elizabeth Warren, not donating to her campaign. As the story notes: “Warren’s campaign, however, says someone added Buck’s name with malicious intent.” In other words, Buck did not add his name, someone else did.

A search of the Federal Election Commission’s donation database shows no donations to the Warren campaign from Ed Buck.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
3 years ago

Cute. Obviously Ed Buck has not contributed or endorsed Elizabeth Warren and this is a transparent instance of political mischief. While it is a funny joke in a twisted sort of way, it is also a very sick one.

3 years ago

why do they keep calling him a “big donor”? he lived in a run down apt and made small donations to Dem candidates.

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