Faring Seeks $375.2 Million in Financing for Its Robertson Lane Project

An illustration of the Robertson Lane project

Faring, the real estate developer with many projects in various stages in West Hollywood, is seeking $375.2 million in financing for its Robertson Lane hotel, retail and restaurant


According to the Commercial Observer, a commercial real estate publication, marketing of that loan by Cushman & Wakefield describes a project with 182-room hotel, a private members’ club with 19 guest rooms and high-end retail, restaurant, office and banquet space. That is a deviation from the plan already approved by the city, which includes 241 hotel rooms and doesn’t include a private members’ club. 

Commercial Observer reports that the loan would have a five-year term and a floating interest rate.

News of the possible change in the number of hotel rooms has concerned some residents who opposed the Robertson Lane project, citing the 114-foot height of the nine-story hotel building.

Jake Stevens, Faring’s community engagement director, told WEHOville: “We have no plans to change the approved hotel project to add a private members club.”

As to a possible change in the number of rooms, Stevens said “Robertson Lane will exceed the hotel room occupancy tax revenue the city expects.”

The proposal approved by the City Council said the project would pay .75% above the standard Transit Occupancy Tax (hotel room tax) over the next 25 years, for a total of approximately $5 million.

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
1 year ago

You know… If they copied the design elements of THE GROVE it could be really nice, inviting, and bring a lot of tax paying shoppers to the site.

A more post modern traditional New York of fairytale lore in look and atmosphere could be the quite statement that won’t overshadow a very modern of 2020… Which won’t look great, or “modern, and in 5-8years be out of date.

1 year ago

Something will have to be done with the traffic management on Robertson/SMB. It’s like a parking lot at night and on the weekends as it is. Just imagine when this project is completed.

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