West Hollywood Has Highest Rate of Coronavirus Infections in LA County

A list released today by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health of cities and areas in Los Angeles County with confirmed coronavirus cases shows West Hollywood ranks

highest when it comes to the percentage of its population that is infected.

The list shows that West Hollywood is one of four cities or communities in Los Angeles County that each has five confirmed cases. For WeHo, that is one confirmed case of COVID-19 infection per 7,371 residents using the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 estimate of 36,854 residents in 2018. As of tonight, 94 cases have been identified across the county, which is one per 107,506 residents. There has been one confirmed death.

The Tarzana community in Los Angeles County, also with five confirmed cases, ranked just behind West Hollywood. With an estimated population of 38,000, it has one infection per 7,600 residents.

The other cities and communities with five confirmed cases had much larger populations than West Hollywood. They are Long Beach, with a population of 467,354 people (one infection per 93,471 residents) and Boyle Heights, with a population of 99,000 (one infection per 19,800 residents).

Adjacent cities like Beverly Hills and Culver City had much lower coronavirus infection rates. Beverly Hills, a city with 34,183 people, had one confirmed case, and Culver City had two confirmed cases, or 1 for each 19,442 residents.

West Hollywood, a 1.89-square-mile city which is the 17th most densely populated in the United States, also ranks first in confirmed coronavirus infections per square mile. There is one confirmed virus infection per .38 square mile.

It is unclear why West Hollywood ranks so high in percentage of coronavirus infections, although factors may include the population density and the city’s reputation as a nightlife destination. The Los Angeles County Public Health Department’s declaration today that all bars in the county must close will effectively shut down West Hollywood’s nightlife business.

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