The Hottest Mayor Ever? This Celebutante Chose John D’Amico

A Surprise Guest at Sutton's Store Opening

The ladies (and even a special guest) attend Sutton’s store opening on an all-new #RHOBH episode TONIGHT @ 8/7c! Posted by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The hottest mayor ever?

Well, how many mayors does Sutton Stracke know?

Whatever. The hottest on her list now, according to a video segment of tonight’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” is West Hollywood’s John D’Amico, who is passing the title of mayor along to Lindsey Horvath at a formal installation next month.

D’Amico was filmed attending the opening in September of Sutton, a shop at 636 N. Almont Drive that features fashion, accessories and art.  Sutton Stracke, the owner, is shown sipping wine and sharing hors d’oeuvre with other women.  “I’m hearing a rumor that the mayor of West Hollywood is here,” she announces, bouncing up and down with a smile on her face.

“Who’s the mayor?” is the response from the five friends around the table. “I don’t live in West Hollywood, I live in Bel Aire,” is Stracke’s answer.

At that point D’Amico grabs a microphone to introduce himself and welcome Stracke, to which she responds by proclaiming “you’re the hottest mayor ever!”

“Let me congratulate you on hoping your store in West Hollywood.  Our city loves having fun,” D’Amico says. To which Stracke replies: “And also parking tickets here are very strict. Why are you all so strict?”

Stracke’s Bravo TV profile describes the Georgia native as a “Southern debutante-turned-Beverly Hills-socialite. “In her early 20’s, Sutton moved to New York City as an aspiring professional ballet dancer. She eventually became the Cunningham Dance Foundation’s director of development and the Augusta Ballet’s executive director. Sutton sits on various boards in New York City, Los Angeles, and Augusta, including the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.”

“She married childhood friend, Christian, in 2000 and they have three children – their daughter, Porter (17), and sons Philip (15) and James (12). Sutton and Christian divorced three years ago, and she is making the most of her newfound freedom. … Sutton has recently begun dating again and met boyfriend, Michael, online. In addition to her Beverly Hills mansion, she owns an estate in Augusta and a three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. “

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Eric Jon Schmidt
Eric Jon Schmidt
3 years ago

Never heard of her, but after watching the video she and her friends seem like a bunch of annoying loud mouth wannabee stars. I hope that young people don’t watch the show and think that it’s they way most people live.

Ham Shipey
Ham Shipey
3 years ago

Not one to talk.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ham Shipey

Ham – you stole my line

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