Let’s Keep Our Physical Distance, But Bridge the Social Gap and Show One Another How

They call it “social distancing.” But what’s essential during the COVID-19 pandemic is “physical distancing.”  Keeping that six-foot distance. Wearing the face covering. And sneezing into your elbow, if you really have to.

That may save our lives. But it won’t save our sanity unless we can find a way to bridge the social gap while keeping our physical distance.  Mayor John D’Amico recently illustrated how he has been doing that, with a live share with close friends of his dinners with his husband.  WEHOville has reported on the 8 p.m. nightly applause and cheers from residents of the Westview Towers on La Cienega Boulevard, something that has spread across many, many blocks. It’s a celebration of our healthcare workers and also a way to release some of the stress that is pent up inside us and to connect (socially, not physically) with the human beings we call neighbors who also are locked into their homes.

So now WEHOville would like to invite its readers to share images with friends and neighbors across our small town that illustrate how you are coping with the “stay at home” mandate. Are you cuddling with your puppy? Having cheerful FaceTime conversations with family members far away? Cooking like you’ve never done before, now that our restaurants are closed for indoor dining? Finally starting to read that book your Mother gave you?

Share please, and know that by doing so you will inspire others to find ways to bridge the social gap. All you have to do is snap a photo on your mobile phone and send it, with your name (first name only is fine) and a brief description to Info@WEHOville.com.

We will be publishing those photos on WEHOville. But we won’t be allowing anyone to offer even the slightest negative comment on them. (How you choose to dress, or groom your hair, or your dog, is no one’s business but your own.)

When our state, county, and city government lift (or significantly modify) the social distancing requirement we will be asking our readers to choose the photo they like most. The person who shared the most popular photo will get a $200 prize.  That’s not a lot, but maybe enough to help pay the rent or buy some groceries for a neighbor in need.  That vote will occur no later than June 15, even if the social distancing rules aren’t lifted by then.

So have a smile and take a pic and share to inspire a smile from the rest of us. Below are some examples extracted from the Facebook pages of Huntley Woods, graphic artist turned baker, and City Councilmember Lauren Meister, who socializes with her dogs, and one provided by Mayor John D’Amico with husband Keith Rand catching up virtually with friends. And then there are the Dorrington Avenue residents connecting socially, but not physically.

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Alan Strasburg
Alan Strasburg
2 years ago

WEHOville is a community treasure.

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