Breakfast? Here’s Where to Find the Most Important Meal in Your Day

LA Buns & Co. on. Santa Monica Boulevard at Palm

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is this week’s topic in the Food segment of West Hollywood Insider, the weekly podcast from Tracy Paaso and Lauren Goldstein.

Lauren and Tracy talk about their top favorite breakfast burritos including those from Conservatory, Tacos Tu Madre and L.A. Buns & Co. at Santa Palm carwash as well as the waffles from Dialog Cafe and caviar from Petrossian. If you are cooking at home for your four-legged furry pal, Lauren shares an important tip about important nutrients you need to ensure you are adding available from Just Food For Dogs.

This week’s guest featured in the Neighborhood segment is Anthony Hrusovsky, manager from the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip. You can watch the documentary on the history of the Rainbow free on Amazon Prime. And now you can pick up your favorite rock n roll beer to go including Iron Maiden, Metallica and Mega Death with food to go..and make sure to include a Lemmy (Jack & coke) with your order! You can contribute to the Rainbow and Whisky employee relief Gofundme.

And click here to sign the petition for federal assistance for small venues like the Rainbow being fought by the National Independent Venue Association.

Tune in on Saturday at 7 p.m. for a live concert featuring Spanish ska-core band 8 Calakas streamed directly from the Whiskey.

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2 years ago

I call it the “Car Wash Burrito Place” and for 16 years I’ve been getting the veggie burrito with avocado and sour cream. Really good! But I hear they also make a great burger.

They only take cash. But all things considered, now I wish they would accept self-insert credit or debit cards.

2 years ago
Reply to  Manny

They DO make a great burger, and if you ask them to make your side of fries “extra, extra, extra crispy”, they will have a most-satisfying crunch!

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