OMG. Jackie Oh My Goodness Is Leaving WeHo, and the City Council Race

Jack Cline (aka Jackie OMG), on the left in drag and on the right lobbying in Sacramento on behalf of the nurses union

Say goodbye to Jackie Oh My Goodness. Jack Cline, the registered nurse and drag queen who uses the Jackie OMG moniker, has announced that he moving from West Hollywood and is withdrawing from the Nov. 3 election for City Council.

In an email message to WEHOville, Cline  said that he and his “BFF,” Eric Jon Schmidt,  have purchased a condo in Westwood and he will no longer be a West Hollywood resident.

Cline was one of 11 candidates in the March 2019 City Council election. He came in last with 3/10s of 1% of the 6,170 votes.  Schmidt came in tenth with 4/10ths of 1% of the votes.  Schmidt earlier had announced that he was running in the 2020 election and then pulled out, citing his move to Hollywood.

Schmidt’s campaign garnered worldwide attention in gay media and on gossip sites when WEHOville reported in April 2018 that he maintained a profile (Need2BNudeon, a porn site where he posted videos of himself having sex with other men. On that site, Schmidt described himself as “a horny little sexhibitionist.” That profile has now been removed.

While Cline exits the race (and West Hollywood) other candidates have been stepping up their push for campaign donations in recent days.  Today is the deadline for accepting donations that will be included in the first semi-annual campaign contribution report for the Nov. 3 election. The report itself must be filed by July 31 and will then be made public. Candidates often see the amount of donations they have received by the end of the day today as an early indicator of possible success in the race. 

The Nov. 3 election is to fill seats currently occupied by John Duran and John Heilman, who both are running for re-election.  Other candidates who have filed required documents stating their intent to run are Sepi Shyne, Noemi Torres, John Erickson, Marquita Thomas, and Larry Block.  Shyne came in fourth in the 2019 City Council election, trailing John D’Amico by only 141 votes.  Thomas came in sixth in the race to fill three seats, which all were won by the incumbents. While she has filed paperwork stating her intent to run, Thomas has yet to make a public announcement that she is in the race, leading some to think that she won’t proceed.

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Ham Shipey
Ham Shipey
2 years ago

so strange

2 years ago

“I’ll alert the media.”
Oh, too late.

2 years ago

Looks like West Hollywood will be losing some of its color.I have a feeling Jackie OMG’s departure had a lot to do with being tired of renting and wanting a place to own out right.A good portion of the residents in the city are renters,so the incentive to stay isn’t there as there is not many opportunities to own.

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