COVID-19: Health Department Reports 3-Day Infection Count, With 3,187 New Infections on Friday

The L.A. County Department of Public Health, which halted reports of COVID-19 infections over the July 4 holiday weekend, now has reported 7,232 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week.

Friday marks the highest report of new cases to date with 3,187 new cases of COVID-19.   The reported new cases for Thursday, July 2, are 2,643, and Saturday, July 4 are 1,402. Saturday’s number is missing lab reports from one of the larger labs.

The Health Department paused its reporting while working to improve its data processing systems. It is expected to report Sunday’s confirmed infections today, which will include those involving West Hollywood residents.

As of Saturday, there were 1,921 people confirmed with COVID-19 who were in the hospital, with 28% of those people in the Intensive Care Unit and 18% on ventilators. There were 1,947 reported as of Friday, July 3 and 1,933 for Thursday, July 2. This remains higher than the 1,889 reported last week.

There are 30 new deaths reported, however this in an undercount as reported deaths are pending verification.

“Thank you to everyone who modified their holiday plans to help us get back to the work of slowing the spread,” said Barbara Ferrer, director of Public Health, in an announcement of the latest numbers.  “As we go into the next two weeks, we will need to make sure that workplaces and retailers are protecting their employees and customers by fully implementing the safety directives in the Health Officer Order.”

The Health Department also has updated its order allowing the opening of houses of worship to ban singing and chanting at indoor services.

The order also bans indoor, in-person dining at restaurants, visits inside museums, zoos and aquariums, and the opening of cardrooms and satellite wagering facilities.

Bars remain closed, however retail operations for breweries, brew pubs, and wineries may remain open. Also, face coverings and gloves must be worn at gyms and other fitness facilities at all times.

The Health Officer Order also requires businesses with three or more known cases of COVID-19 within the workplace over the span of 14 days to report the outbreak to Public Health.

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3 years ago

It is important to learn of all the complications experiences by a previously healthy 41 year old Nick Cordero who had tested negative twice. A very sad story that can happen to anyone.


3 years ago

None of these articles mention the fee for a Covid-19 Test even though in many cases it is alleged to be free. It can range from $350 10 $1600. The cost may discourage many from being tested and serves to further distort statistics.

In one case, a patient was charged $2,121. and although substantially covered by insurance, the co-pay/ deductible resulted in a charge of $536. to patient.

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