Opinion: Your Vote Is Never More Important Than Now. Here’s Why …

The pity is that so few seem to be concerned with the daily turns in our national government.  Either too busy to notice or too indolent to care. Whichever state of mind might identify you – and for the latter that would be about 75% of the population – the events of the past few weeks are alarm bells meant to call attention to the real fact that our unique democracy is being tested to its limits and its continuation depends upon the inclusion and interest of all of us, every damn one of us.

“It can’t happen here.”  Wrong. It is happening here. I speak as one who has had intimate contact with the Slavic political culture that  our President so admires. The Russians of 1951 are no different than the Russians of 2020 – merely employing more electronic gadgetry to the same old messages.  Russian egos are immense. They are a power that propels their owners into furious imaginary scenarios which promote their desire for something they can barely explain.  But the end is domination, absolute power with attendant incredible cruelty, balm for their paranoia and gold for their little personal needs. I am scribbling this after reading and hearing the Russian – American associate of Rudy Giuliani tell that he is frightened – he and his family –  of the Department of Justice (suborned by Trump) and the Attorney General, William Barr – and concerned about what they will do to keep him quiet.  Are we watching America dissolve under the acid attack of our own federal agencies?  Trump has so infected the many federal agencies that it will take a generation to cure the disease of carpetbagger smash and grab.

It’s beginning to resemble the Russia I knew in 1953 with people popping up one day only to disappear the next – permanently – and not just in Russia.  Northern Europe was awash in dingy doings by nameless felons.  Many years later, still intrigued by those times, I wrote a short novel (“The Spanish Ambassador’s Daughter”) to illustrate the nonsense I witnessed then.  It was also during the days of the McCarthy hearings when many reputations were demolished by a paranoid “Commie-hater” whose own paranoia sparked a huge witch hunt, looking under beds for Commies and Commie sympathizers.  The Russian disease USA style.  And I see it today. 

My latest email to our REAL president, Mitch McConnell: “Sure, he’s shrinking the government, eradicating environmental rules,  placing right-wing judges in lifetime positions and about to rape the western lands – all part of the Republican agenda.  But, at what price?  I see a horde of elected Republicans simply looking the other way as Trump ravages our democracy – and you allow it.  You know he has said that he owns the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate and the Republican party, which he has remade into his own unfortunate image.  That means he owns your wrinkled old ass, too.  Imagine what might occur should Trump be set free:  Insurrection?  Revolt?  Armed conflict in the streets?  Actually, there’ll be marches, but most Americans don’t have the gumption to stand up to people like you.  I’d like to be proven wrong on that count.  I’m not optimistic.

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2 years ago

And while we’re voting for the presidency I suppose you would like us to also consider WeHo’s local issues and candidates. Since you brought it up, some of us like big tax cuts, household income gains ten times higher than immediate predecessors, lowest unemployment EVER for blacks and hispanics (pre Covid), pro-worker trade deals, job killing ridiculous regulations removed, manufacturing jobs boom, energy independence, and the elimination of the China threat which is the most consequential policy turnaround in American history. And we like that there was no evidence found of collusion with Russia. I suppose you prefer style over… Read more »

2 years ago

Couldn’t agree with you more or have stated the case better. VOTE. And that goes for here in West Hollywood too. Our city for the people is turning in the Principality of Monaco: a haven for big money real estate developers and big time investors. The city the was built upon a rent control ordinance has been taken from us by our “elected” leaders with an agenda of self preservation and filling their pockets. That’s what happens when less than 5000 citizens vote in a city of nearly 40,000. VOTE.

2 years ago

My Moldavian neighbor tells me it is like the old Soviet Union also. Life currently is not like the life we once knew. We must vote out the current Administration. Not only President Trump, but all incumbent Republicans where we can. VOTE, VOTE LIKE AMERICAN LIFE IS DEPENDENT ON IT, BECAUSE IT DOES.

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