Election 2020: The WEHOville City Council Candidate Forum Goes Live on Wednesday

The candidates, listed in alphabetical order from top down, left to right, are Larry Block, Jerome Cleary, Marco Colantonio, John Duran, John Erickson, John Heilman, Sepi Shyne, Noemi Torres, and Mark Farhad Yusupov

In an effort to help West Hollywood residents see and hear the candidates in the Nov. 3 City Council election, WEHOville is hosting a candidates’ forum over Zoom and YouTube on Wednesday (Sept. 16) at 7 p.m.

The forum will be moderated by Christopher Nikhil Bowen who will offer up questions written by me, the editor and publisher of WEHOville, that are focused on issues of importance to the residents of West Hollywood. Bowen has nearly 10 years of professional and personal experiences in the city. He has managed numerous political campaigns and operates his own consulting firm, Bowen Consulting Services. Most recently he serves as a public policy organizer for the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing and a Southern California Associate for California Consulting, a grant writing firm.

Those participating in the forum are the nine candidates currently in the race for two seats on the West Hollywood City Council. In addition to incumbents John Duran and John Heilman, they include (in alphabetical order) Larry Block, Jerome Cleary, Marco Colantonio, John Erickson, Noemi Torres, Sepi Shyne, and Mark Farhad Yuspov. Two other candidates’ names will be on the ballot, however they have withdrawn from the race. They are Christopher McDonald and Tom DeMille.

The West Hollywood West Residents Association hosted a similar forum on Sunday focused on issues of concern to that neighborhood. It can be seen here on YouTube. Congregation Kol Ami and the Israeli-American Civic Action Network will host a virtual forum on Wednesday at 5 p.m. Candidates who it has invited to participate are City Council members John Duran and John Heilman and challengers Larry Block, John Erickson, Sepi Shyne, and Noemi Torres. Those wishing to attend can sign up by clicking here.

The WEHOville forum will be streamed live on WEHOville’s YouTube channel. That channel can be accessed here, however the video won’t appear until the forum actually goes live.

Most of the candidates already have provided answers to the Citizens Agenda questions, questioned based on suggestions from West Hollywood residents, which have been published on WEHOville.com.

WEHOville also has invited all candidates to submit as many as two op-eds before the election which they can use to explain why they are running for office and what their priorities will be if elected.

Anyone with questions regarding the forum can contact me directly at Henry@WEHOville.com.

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