WeKnowWeHo: Here Are Some of the City’s Favorite Spots, Reimagined

Prepping for a fun night out at the Andaz, now screening movies on the parking deck.

This week, we realize everything old is new again. We have had to reimagine, and it seems that nostalgia serves a bigger purpose than just a feel-good situation.  It’s actually informed the way we reimagine some old faves. Join host and producer Tracy Paaso and guest-host-in-residence Maxine Tatlonghari (her words, not ours) in this week’s episode of We Know WeHo.

The Andaz Reimagined 

The Drive In. Matt Ojinaga, the director of sales, events, and marketing at the Andaz, joins the girls and shares three ways that Andaz has reinvented its offerings. We start with the drive-in.  Simply drive your car in and gather up to three of your friends and for $56.25 you can experience a drive-in movie as never before. The menu has evolved from simple popcorn nights to full-on charcuterie packages complete with branded Pashmina scarves. Get your tickets here. 

Barber Shop Vibes. It appears that personal services are once again open in LA, but just in case, Andaz has partnered with fellow Sunset Stripper Barcode Barbershop to offer haircuts on the Terrace. One of the things we have loved about Matt is his commitment to offering these programs and collaborations to make sure as many employees as possible can keep their jobs. Book your haircut here. 

Poolside Dining. Tracy and Maxine love a rooftop.  They love love a rooftop with a view, and the Andaz does NOT disappoint.  The Andaz offers four intimate social distanced tables with two seatings complete with heaters.  Book your table here.  

For more staycation ideas in West Hollywood click here.

Food & Fashion 

Mel’s Car Hop.  Remember those 1950’s movies where a date might consist of a girl in a poodle skirt and her jock in a letterman jacket pulling up for a burger, fries and a milkshake? Well, Jamie Adler texted the girls to share that Mel’s on Sunset is offering that same experience. We might mix up all those elements in true WeHo style, but the spirit remains the same. Check it out. 

Strings of Life. Remember pigs in a blanket? Savory little hot dogs in a flaky pastry…  Well, in true WeHo fashion, celebrity chefs offer their elevated take on the humble party favorite. The outdoor area is so cute – all bright, sunny, yellow socially distanced vibes.  Menu. 

Taco Tuesday. This day is practically a holiday in WeHo. Tracy headed down the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Hayworth and caught an outdoor grill at Employees Only offering up carne asada.  Next door neighbor Tacos Tu Madre was bursting at the seams with taco aficionados on the same night. 

Soosh for your Pooch. Finally, sushi lovers can get their fix at Maxine’s fave La Peer Hotel.  Pre order sushi rolls and treat yourself to homemade matcha and lime gelato. And for our fur babies? How about dog friendly sushi with cooked salmon, sushi, sweet potato and more. 

Health & Wellness

More Pilates on a Rooftop?  Maxine’s outdoor Pilates obsession continues with the discovery of this new option Spier Pilates on Santa Monica Boulevard. The ability to sanitize the handles (and perhaps even bring your own sanitizer) brings the customizable experience to the next level.

Manis and Pedis please?  So, for those of you experiencing hangnails and hobbit feet, some of our favorite nail salons are reopening.  Let us know in the comments below how your favorite neighborhood nail salon is faring. 

PrideStride.  Where does Tracy find the time to vision and launch an entire 5K movement bringing together 34 cities (and counting) across the country in celebration of National Coming Out Day?  We’re not sure, but make sure to sign up for the amazing event and get some cool SWAG and share your coming out story in the comments below.

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
1 year ago

I wish the City Would Make it Oversafe for Residents and people coming to spend money and time.

Mulriple Sanitation stations with running water and soap, free masks, disinfectant dispensers everywhere groups of people frequent.

Good PR for the attention craving elected leaders. Maybe beyond local news stations to a Network Nightly News piece. It would have to be safe and appear to have the unique style and design the City of WEHO is known for and draws thousands to weho every weekend.

1 year ago

Jonathan – good idea. Andaz West Hollywood had a good sanitation station in their lobby with the masks, etc. and it definitely made me feel safer.

Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams
1 year ago

I wish the nail salons would open….my poor little toes are screaming HELP!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ruth Williams

Mine too! I try and do them myself but it’s just not the same.

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