COVID-19 Numbers Continue to Rise in West Hollywood

COVID-19 continues to surge in West Hollywood and the entire United States as the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic roars on.

In the past week, West Hollywood has seen 74 new cases and two more deaths reported. That brings the city to a cumulative total of 770 cases since the pandemic began in March and seven deaths.

Those are some sobering figures to consider especially since the numbers are expected to rise in the coming weeks. State and county officials fear that people gathering together for Thanksgiving will spark even greater spread of the virus.

Officials urged people to avoid large gatherings at Thanksgiving and to rethink travel plans. For those who do choose to travel, state officials have issued an advisory recommending people quarantine for 14 days upon return to the state.

Los Angeles County saw 15,169 new cases in the past week, for a daily average of 2,167 new cases a day.

The county has a cumulative total of 332,865 cases since the pandemic began.  Some 88 people in LA County have died in the past week, bringing the county’s death toll to 7,246 since COVID began.

Below are the numbers for the past week for areas near West Hollywood:

  • Beverly Hills – 28 new cases and zero new deaths in the past week for a total of 822 cases and 12 deaths.
  • Culver City –26 new cases and no new deaths in the past week for a total of 478 cases and 28 deaths.
  • Hollywood – 110 new cases and two new deaths in the past week for a total of 1,578 cases and 17 deaths.
  • Melrose neighborhood – 109 new cases and one new death in the past week for a total of 2,356 cases and 75 deaths.
  • Miracle Mile – a total of 245 cases and six deaths since the pandemic began.
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WeHo Poster
WeHo Poster
2 years ago

People need to be paid to stay home until a vaccine is rolled out. But this is the one thing that our political system will not do

2 years ago

People really aren’t taking this seriously enough right now. The Grove has been packed to holiday season levels every day. People are having large gatherings in their homes. Businesses are ignoring simple policies like no contact rules, hand washing, and temperature checks. In the meantime, more people are dieing at anytime during the pandemic. Look, I get it. As a business owner and general human being, no one is perfect. But we need to try harder and help one another out. If we don’t we will have to go back into lockdown and many more people will die. Sadly, I… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  TheRealZam

Hi The Real Zam-

I have to agree with you, unfortunately. Driving down 3rd Street by the Grove yesterday I was surprised to see packed tables with minimal spacing at multiple restaurants. We must do better.

2 years ago

Simply awful. There were five deaths for a very long time. This is tragic.
Beverly Hills – whassup?

2 years ago

A vaccine will come too late for many, unfortunately. Please continue doing your part to keep yourself and others safe until then!

It’s been a devastating week:

40% increase in West Hollywood’s total death toll, from 5 to 7 thus far.

10.5% increase in total cases in West Hollywood from 700 to 774.

In this week alone, per the U.S. COVID Tracking Project:

1 in 378 Americans tested positive.
(875,401 new cases)

41% increase in new weekly cases.

20% increase in hospitalizations.

23% increase in deaths.

These numbers should give everyone pause.

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