Enforcement of Some Parking Regulations Suspended; Parking Meters Free on Thanksgiving Day

parking ticket

With a state-mandated overnight curfew now in effect, the City of West Hollywood has suspended enforcement of several parking regulations.

Until Dec. 21, the following regulations are suspended:

  • Permit parking enforcement on all residential streets
  • Street sweeping enforcement
  • AM/PM peak hour enforcement on Fountain Avenue

However, safety violations will continue to be enforced.Contact the Parking Violations Bureau at (800) 687-2458 for all citation related questions.  

Additionally, parking meters will not be enforced on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The next day, meter enforcement resumes.

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Ron Hamill
Ron Hamill
1 year ago

West Hollywood has almost no disabled parking. Just paid a parking citation for inadvertently parking in a “tow away” zone on Robertson. They don’t tow away, they let you park for two times, then tow you away, although I’ve never seen this happen. I’m sure they are happy to collect the $83 x 2 for that parking space. Again no disabled parking. Some people cannot park in a disabled spot in the parking structure and walk up the hill. Plenty of held spaces for Valet, Uber/ Lyft and street machinery though.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Hamill

Ron, if you have a blue placard, you’ll know that you can park in any legal space without worrying about time limits, feeding meters, or even residential parking permit requirements. Only “No Parking” regulations override the blue placards.

It’s bad form to blame WeHo for your ignorance.

1 year ago

West Hollywood’s decision to ease parking restrictions the next few weeks makes sense given the sure to be reduced movement.

And when people are turning to Alexa in record numbers to ask what day it is, not ticketing for street sweeping violations is surely appreciated!

Tom Smart
Tom Smart
1 year ago

Oh lord, why didn’t they just do this through the first of the year?? People have been SO confused about parking ever since the city started flip flopping with this.

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