LA County Breaks Records on Tuesday for Number of New COVID-19 Cases and Number of Hospitalizations

Tuesday proved to be the worst day yet of the coronavirus pandemic as Los Angeles County broke two records officials hoped it would not break.  

The county reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases – 7,593 new cases – as well as a record number of people hospitalized with COVID – 2,316 people.

The previous high number of new cases was 6,124 cases, set last week. The previous high for hospitalizations was 2,232 people, set during the July surge. 

Health officials stressed that increased testing is not the cause of the spike, noting that the average daily rate of people testing positive for the coronavirus is now nearly 12%, up from 7% a week ago and about 4% a month ago.

Health officials warn that hospital numbers will continue to rise in conjunction with the increase in cases, potentially gobbling up normally available hospital space by Christmas.

County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer warned that although Tuesday is the worst day of the pandemic so far, things will worsen “tomorrow and the next day and the next.”

“Every resident and every business needs to take immediate action if we are to dampen this alarming surge,” Ferrer said in a statement. “We are in the middle of an accelerating surge in a pandemic of huge magnitude. This is not the time to skirt or debate the safety measures that protect us because we need every single person to use every tool available to stop the surge and save lives.”

West Hollywood recorded ten new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, for a cumulative total of 947 cases since the pandemic began.  The number of COVID deaths in the city remains unchanged at nine.

Los Angeles County now has a cumulative total of 408,396 cases since March. However, almost a quarter of that total occurred in the month of November – 99,206 cases. On Nov. 1, the county had a cumulative total of 309,190.

Meanwhile hospitalizations have almost tripled in a month. On Nov. 1, there were 799 people hospitalized with COVID, while on Dec. 1, there are 2,316 people.

Los Angeles County had 46 new deaths on Tuesday, for a cumulative total of 7,700 deaths since the pandemic began. On Nov. 1, the county’s cumulative death total was 7,074.

Below are the daily numbers for areas near West Hollywood:

  • Beverly Hills – 18 new cases for a total of 1009 cases and 11 deaths.
  • Culver City – 9 new cases for a total of 648 cases and 31 deaths.
  • Hollywood – 36 new cases for a total of 1,946 cases and 19 deaths.
  • Melrose neighborhood – 37 new cases for a total of 2,903 cases and 82 deaths.
  • Miracle Mile – 5 new cases for a total of 310 cases and 6 deaths.
  • Park La Brea – 3 new cases for a total of 193 cases and 1 death.
  • Santa Monica – 19 new cases for a total of 1,516 cases and 45 deaths.

For information about COVID-19 and the many resources available to West Hollywood residents in need of assistance,  CLICK HERE.

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2 years ago

The city, residents, and visitors need to take this surge more seriously. These numbers do not even take into account the surge from Thanksgiving. When our ER and ICU beds fill up, the death rate will spike to levels at or above the 5% seen at the beginning of the pandemic. On top of that, there will not be any room to accommodate those with normal emergencies. Don’t visit other people’s homes & do not invite people over. Always wear your mask when around those from other households in any setting. Wash your hands. Stay home as much as you… Read more »

WeHo Poster
WeHo Poster
2 years ago
Reply to  TheRealZam

I wish that we were all in this together! But we aren’t–we’re left to fend for ourselves by rulers that hate us, and who refuse to do what is necessary to keep people safe.

2 years ago


New L.A. County daily case record of 7,593 on 12.1 is a full 25% higher than previous daily record.

Worst to come since Thanksgiving gatherings not reflected yet.

New daily hospitalization record.

Number currently hospitalized has tripled in just the last month.

County positivity rate has also tripled to 12% in one month.

Almost 1,000 West Hollywood residents have now tested positive of 37,000. And how many have or had it without knowing?

Stay informed. Stay safe!

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