We Know WeHo: Spinning on Zen Waves of a Stationary Bike with Janet Fitzgerald

Janet Fitzgerald

In this week’s episode, the We Know WeHo team takes you back to the not-so-distant past of the glorious days when West Hollywood was the OG fitness mecca anchored by a grungy gym hub called Todd Tramp’s that was located on the corner of La Cienega and Melrose Avenue. These were the days long before reality television when Bob Harper was sweating away teaching insane choreography in his step classes and when the craze of indoor cycling was arguably birthed by the likes of Debbie Rocker, Andrea Lawent and Gunnar Peterson sweating away in a packed room in the dark riding to the rhythm and tapping it back – “spinning” on an indoor stationary bike.

This week’s guest, Janet Fitzgerald, was in the thick of the first wave of notable instructors who were teaching these sold-out, jammed packed indoor cycling classes. Janet was the owner of the beautiful zen Body and Soul Workout that sat above the Ramada Plaza for ten years where locals would sweat next to celebrities while Janet lead them on a spiritual, soulful musical journey as they peered down on Santa Monica Blvd through the serene Japanese grass that lined the windows of this sweat sanctuary.

In 2010, Janet left Los Angeles for another “soul” located on the East Coast – SoulCycle. Janet shares with Tracy an insider view of her story, but more importantly how her personal journey correlates to her role as the Senior Training Officer of the company where she has trained over 400 instructors as the big yellow wheel emerged and created the second big wave of indoor cycling that swept across the country with over 99 studios.

The fitness business has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic and it seems we still have a long wait for packed indoor group classes to resume (at least here in California) while outdoor classes are being held in pop-up locations. Janet gets real with Tracy about the impact on her and her fellow instructors and employees, and shares her optimism about the company’s future with a newly appointed CEO. Janet has relocated to Los Angeles for the winter months where she continues to teach inspiration, hope, and healing one pedal stroke at a time.

Check out Janet’s SoulCycle classes at the Century City Mall and Santa Monica Promenade outdoor locations. You might also want to give a listen to her podcast “Witch and Famous” which is the inspiration behind a spiritual transformation media project in the works.

Slated to open soon: Connie & Ted’s, Late Night Drive-In, Olivetta, Tesse, The Den

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Coming Soon: Catch Steak taking over Fig & Olive

A Very Fond Farewell: The Standard will close indefinitely because a significant increase to its lease makes operating the property impossible, the boutique hotel announced last week.

That’s it for this week. Please make sure to follow the podcast and @weknowweho on Instagram. From West Hollywood, that’s a wrap and we’ll see you next week.

Listen to the podcast here:

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