Loud Explosion Heard Around West Hollywood Sunday Night Unexplained

A loud noise that sounded like an explosion was heard around much of West Hollywood on Sunday night. Many people were talking about it on NextDoor.com, the neighborhood website.

However, officials at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station do not know what caused it.

The watch commander told WEHOville that the station received a call about the loud sound about 9:30 p.m., the caller believing it might have come from the Sunset Boulevard area.

However, upon investigation, deputies did not find anything that caused it.

“The caller though it might be a car crash or an earthquake,” said Lt. Rodriguez, the watch commander. “We didn’t find a car crash and if it was an earthquake, we would know about it by now.”

The US Geological Survey website does not list an earthquake happening on Sunday in the area.

The sheriff’s station did not receive any subsequent calls about the explosion.

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