Car Used for Amazon Deliveries Stolen After Being Left Unattended on Thursday Night


An Amazon delivery driver is regretting leaving the keys in his car while making a delivery in West Hollywood Thursday night. Thieves drove off in the car during the time he was dropping off the package.

The watch commander at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station confirmed the vehicle was left unattended while the driver delivered a package near Willoughby Avenue and Curson Avenue on Thursday about 7 p.m.

The driver was a contractor for Amazon, using his personal car to make the deliveries. The car, a Honda, had Amazon logos on the side. The driver left the car running and unlocked while he dropped off the package.

So far, the car has not been recovered. No information is available about how many other Amazon packages for delivery were in the car.

The sheriff’s station did not have any information about how many suspects were involved in the car’s theft.

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