Renters, Landlords Can Apply for Rent Help through California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program

Applications are now being accepted for the State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Applications are open to residents living anywhere in the state, including in West Hollywood.

The California COVID-19 Rent Relief program is designed to help low-income Californians went payment of unpaid rent to landlords. Funding for this program comes from $2.6 billion in federal rental assistance.

Eligibility information and links to the online application are available at

Landlords who opt-in and are approved for the state’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program may get reimbursed for 80% of an eligible renter’s unpaid rent for the period between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, provided the landlord agrees to waive the remaining 20% of unpaid rent for that specific time period.

Even if landlords choose not to participate, renters may still apply to receive 25% of unpaid rent for the period between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. Paying this 25% to the landlord by June 30, 2021 can help renters stay in their homes under the extended eviction protections outlined in SB 91, also known as the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act (CTRA).

Renters accepted for the Rent Relief program may also be eligible for future rent assistance equal to 25% of their monthly rent. Combined with the assistance available for unpaid rent, future assistance will help renters stay housed once the eviction protections in SB 91 expire on June 30. Assistance for unpaid utilities may also be available.

To check eligibility requirements, to apply, or to find a Local Partner Network organization that can assist, visit or call (833) 430-2122.

Additional information is available on the City of West Hollywood’s Rent Stabilization & Housing Division webpage by visiting WeHo residents may also phone the Rent Stabilization & Housing Division for assistance at (323) 848-6450 or email at

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