“Is it too early to celebrate” by Brian Sonia-Wallace

This year’s Poem as presented by West Hollywood Poet Laureate was created collaboratively with 53 West Hollywood residents and visitors.

the sunset strip

echoes. jacarandas bloom bright

after barren months.

our streets will symphony again

wild beyond gardens,

blaze honey disco

french horns & orange sherbet glow.

you, dear, never stopped

being a proud march, a palm

frond in ragged wind —

yes, you curled up

in last winter’s hush.

this city threads our lonely

heartbeats, a plastic oasis of skin

sweaty in starlight.

but now it’s time for

gogo boots & guitar strings,

rooftop pools & history between your lips

like a cold margarita

while the hot asphalt


west hollywood a song:

equal parts party and protest.

one sings into the other.

it’s time to line each boulevard anew

with our delicious strangeness,

to glitter every tree.

won’t you walk with me?

my glam aunts, my ferocious uncles,

my frankest friends — my chosen family,

look at all that we have lost

and all that survives.

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