City Council Expected to Take Next Step in Smoking Ban

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The West Hollywood City Council on Monday will take the next step in the move to ban smoking in all multifamily residential units by the end of 2022.

At its April 5 meeting, the council approved plans to prohibit smoking in all new units and tenancies and in common areas as of July 15 and in all units – including existing units – by the end of next year.

Penalties for violations will include an initial warning, with a following an initial fine of $250 plus a $50 administrative fee. A subsequent offenses will result in a $500 fine plus a $50 administrative fee, with ensuing violations resulting in $1,000 fines plus $50 fees.

Council members made clear their understanding of how difficult it is to stop smoking and will permit some leniency. Residents found in violation of the ordinance will be informed about the city’s anti-smoking programs when contacted by the city’s Code Compliance department.

“The cessation program would go into effect this year, but the fines would not start until 2023, and it would only be after an initial warning,” said Mayor Lindsey Horvath.

Officials said said the city will provide air filtration devices that will limit the impact on the smokers’ neighbors, and the revenue from the fines could help the city defray those costs.

“It seems like that might be a good use of the fine that’s levied against the smoker, to pay for some sort of air filtration,” Councilman John D’Amico said. “It might be a circle that doesn’t actually meet, but it could help defray those costs.”

The following online agenda packet for the April 19 council meeting includes links to related staff reports and documentation:

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