CBS News follows up WEHOville report on the Sunset Spectacular.

Jerome Cleary’s Op-Ed “The Urban Blight of the Sunset Spectacular” catches the attention of local media.

Pete Scantland, CEO of Orange Barrel Media issues statement: “We’re absolutely committed to working with residents to get it right.”

The 67-foot-tall, triangular-shaped billboard was installed in the 8775 Sunset parking lot at the end of 2020. 

Also this past November the City Council agreed to reduce the fee which Orange Barrel Media pays in the next two years due to the effects from Covid. Rather than the $1 million per year minimum fee Orange Barrel was initially scheduled to pay, the city will now receive $480,000 in each of those first two years. That’s approximately the same amount the city receives each year from the static billboard already in that parking lot.

Thank you Jerome Cleary for your excellent coverage of this item and obtaining fantastic results.

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2 years ago

As this appear unmitigable, perhaps Mr.. Scantland could lead the way pronto by admitting that this project was/is a bust, poorly thought out and will dedicate himself to finding a way to haul it away to some uninhabited location in the desert where new development is needed. A new community can be created for folks craving artificial light. They can light up, with some cannabis, enhanced by the Spectacular Jumbotron, worship it and fade into the night of absurdity. Might even be something Kanye would like to attract his masses to a Light Pyramid.

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