WeHo, Tel Aviv will share HIV fighting strategies

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS, the cities of Tel Aviv, Israel, and West Hollywood, California will launch a city-to-city dialogue focused on the prevention of transmission of HIV, hosted online by the Israeli Consulate in LA, Congregation Kol Ami of West Hollywood, the Israeli-American Civic Action Network.

The event will also feature a top infectious disease doctor from Ben Gurion University who will speak about his research related to HIV and COVID-19 – including the possible role of new coronavirus research and mRNA vaccines in driving progress towards an effective vaccine treatment for HIV.

WHEN:               April 20, 2021, 11:00 AM

WHERE:             Online event, streaming live on YouTube:

WHO:  Chen Arieli, Deputy Mayor, Tel Aviv

John D’Amico, Councilmember and Past Mayor, City of West Hollywood

Hillel Newman, Consul General of Israel, Los Angeles

Zvi Bentwich, Clinical Immunologist and World-Renowned Expert on AIDS research, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Denise Eger, Rabbi, Congregation Kol Ami, West Hollywood

Dillon Hosier, CEO, Israeli-American Civic Action Network

David Guigni, Social Services Manager, City of West Hollywood

Michael Sugar, Member, Congregation Kol Ami, West Hollywood

CONTACT:        Dillon Hosier, 202-888-4240, Dillon@IsraelUSA.org

                           Rabbi Denise Eger, 310-386-0210, Rabbi@Kol-Ami.org

                           Jonathan Bar-el, 310-947-2084, cpd@la.mfa.gov.il

About the Israeli-American Civic Action Network: The Israeli-American Civic Action Network is dedicated to empowering Israeli immigrants and American allies to create change for a better America, a more secure Israel, and a stronger U.S. – Israel alliance through advocacy education and civic action.

Dillon L. Hosier

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

ICAN: Israeli-American Civic Action Network
Mobile: 202-888-4240
Email: Dillon@IsraelUSA.orgWeb: www.IsraelUSA.org

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