View the latest WeHo crime stats

Lt. William Moulder from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department provided WeHo’s Public Safety Commission with April 2021 crime stats on Monday night at the group’s meeting.

Among his findings were:

  • Crime citywide in April 2021 was up 19% over April 2020.
  • Overall, the crime rate is down from 2020.
  • Crime on the east side of the city is down 8%.

The drop in crime on the east side coincided with a rise in the city’s center and west sides.

Crime in the city center rose 57%, driven by aggravated assaults and grand theft, Moulder said. Crime on the west side went up by 13%.

Commissioners raised concern about the shift, as well as crimes committed by transients.

Moulder was generally optimistic about the data, noting that five arrests were made in the 11 assaults reported.

The sheriff’s department included the following graphs in their crime stats presentation:

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2 years ago

Reason I moved out of WEHO/Hollywood area. It’s now a party town and that is a magnet for all types of criminal behavior. The same situation in Hollywood. I lived for forty years at the border of WEHO/Hollywood and now it is too dangerous to walk the streets at night, and even during the daytime. All WEHO government desires is the revenue and revenue, and the safety and sanity of the city be damned. The Gay Community is a thing of the past and long gone.

Last edited 2 years ago by George
Jerome Cleary
Jerome Cleary
2 years ago

REMEMBER! this is only crime statistics based on filed police reports which means that on the average our crime stats are double these numbers cause people put off filing a police report to later which means they don’t do it later or decide not to take the time to have a patrol car show up with deputy to take the report right then or even later.

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Jamie Francis
Jamie Francis
2 years ago
Reply to  Jerome Cleary

Very good observation Jerome. To your point, I think if you combine crimes that are just south on romaine and melrose place and Sunset in Hollywood and Fairfax District LaCienega Blvd outside the city of West Hollywood, the rates would be triple! Since most crime is precipitated and directly come into West Hollywood as was the case of looting and smashing of businesses last year and the setting off of industrial fireworks went non stop a whole month and violence that occurred and increased assaults in our neighborhood since last spring, some were directed at visitors and those that didn’t… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Jamie Francis

[…] in the city’s center or its West. Both sections of the city saw substantial increases in crime according to stats presented at the Commission’s meeting on May […]

Jamie Francis
Jamie Francis
2 years ago

I have frequented Center City since I moved here in May/June 2011 and have lived in Center City bordering Sunset Blvd on Havenhurst since Summer 2018. Before that I lived on Sierra Bonita Ave/Santa Monica Blvd Center Eastside for 7 years since spring 2011. I saw an uptick in crime, unlawful homeless and opportunity criminals from Melrose/Fairfax district coming north into West Hollywood. Though the area became more wealthy with many McMansions and Condominiums being built outside and within the Eastside and Center City of West Hollywood and LA city limits, more scoping and break ins and assaults and attempted… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Jamie Francis
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