Mailbox theft caught on video

The West Hollywood West Residents Association shared with its members footage showing a person allegedly stealing from a residential mailbox on the 500 block of Huntley Ave.

“This morning at 5:13 a.m. the individual pictured above put his hand inside a resident’s mailbox and walked away with all their mail,” the WHWRA wrote in an e-mail sent out Wednesday.

“This is an important reminder to make sure you have a mailbox with a lock and that it is always secure. Please report incidents to the West Hollywood Sheriff by calling the station at 310-855-8850. It’s important that they know what’s going on.”

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Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
1 year ago

I had my mail box broken in and all my mail stolen from my small 8 unit complex.

The video shows it was a tenant and his young son doing it in the late hours (way past bed time)

The HOA is a best only to make things worked and Sheriff won’t come out to my building, regardless of what serious crime has happened.

Fortunately I can’t recall how many years and years since I ever got anything important in my mailbox

A serious crime for all those paper flyers and real estate post card advertising

Chloe Ross
1 year ago

I wish I could revote the WeHo elections.

2 years ago

In this case, looks like a lock would have been extremely unhelpful.

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