COVID Update: Sunday, May 16

Former Councilmember John Duran has been doing daily COVID updates on his Facebook page since March 2020. Many members of the community have found them helpful. They are republished here with his permission.

LA County Cases1,246,821(up from 1,246,619)
LA County Deaths24,421(up from 24,416)
LA Positivity Rate.4%(unchanged at .4%)
LA Hospitalizations216(up from 218)


Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on air travel coming back.  Passenger volumes at US Airports hit pandemic records last weekend.  More than 1.7 million passengers passing through airport security daily again.   

The days of nearly empty planes are gone again.  No more empty airports.   No more walking through security quickly.   It’s back to hating air travel again.   Long lines.  TSA.   Arriving 2 hours before flight.

Well maybe hating is too strong of a word.

Is it possible to be grateful about the old patterns of life?  About crowded airports?  Elevators filled up?  Waiting for gym equipment?

If I go back to resenting these patterns of living in a crowded city – then I have learned nothing from COVID.    Will I find a new gratitude?  And mean it?

We are one month away from the CA State grand re opening.  The gyms are filling up.   The 12 step meetings may soon transition from zoom back to in person (or some type of hybrid).   And the masks seem to be evaporating on more and more faces.

I went through it.  You went through it.   We went through 15 months of lock down hell.   Economic collapse.  Disease and death.  And we survived it.   And half of the residents of California have taken at least one shot of vaccination.   Almost 40% fully vaccinated.

Time for a little gratitude.    Grateful for science.  Grateful for data.  Grateful for a new President.   Grateful for nurses and doctors.  Grateful for persistence.  Grateful for focus.  Grateful for seeking answers.    Grateful for community.   Grateful for hope.  Grateful for compliance.    Grateful for caution.   Grateful for so much….

That’s is for today.   Feeling Gratitude

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