#Throw Back Thursday: The dedication of the Sal Guarriello Veterans’ Memorial Park

Twelve years ago, West Hollywood commemorated Veterans Day with the re-naming of Veterans Memorial Park after the late City Councilmember.

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2 years ago

One could ask how Mayor Horvath would contemplate this sober occasion and the fact that death of Councilmember Sol Guarrielo provided her the opportunity launch pad for her version of upwardly mobile political promotion with nary a thought about the authentic nobility of selfless public service.

carleton cronin
carleton cronin
2 years ago

Among those attending were a number of our Russian residents, mostly older men in their military uniforms. They passed out red carnations to all of us with any kind of dress our ornament which denoted one as a vet. Thanks for ruining the video.

Cy Husain
2 years ago

In all fairness let us NOT forget that it was the ☭ Soviet Union that did nothing less than save the world from hitler and the nazis ❗ The western world owes the Communists a great debt of gratitude for saving millions of lives and, for NOT becoming subjugated nazi vassal states.😃

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